3.6. The data governance working group

The harmonisation of the City’s master data will only be possible via systematic cooperation between the City’s various operators. To improve the quality and general usability of the data of City divisions, the City will establish a data governance working group consisting of the data administrators (such as data architects) of the different City divisions. The working group will be responsible for the definitions of master data and the selection of common identifiers for key information resources, and prepare common data definitions, conceptual data models, standards and ontologies. The data governance working group will also define and monitor the implementation of the FAIR model and maintain documentation and instructions related to information resources. Furthermore, the working group will be responsible for cooperation related to national data interoperability projects and the realisation of the semantic and structural interoperability of data within City divisions.

Ongoing national projects focusing on the more efficient utilisation of data include Yhteisen tietopohjan hyödyntämisen tietoarkkitehtuuri, #Tietokiri, the interoperability platform and methods and AuroraAI.