5.4. Data utilisation and sharing in research projects

The data produced and maintained by the City can also be utilised in the City’s internal research projects and research projects carried out by external researchers. Research projects include the production of datasets for information services, the production of datasets for statistical purposes and the production and handover of datasets for reports and plans prepared on behalf of the City based on a consultancy agreement. Decisions concerning providing access to datasets needed for research projects are made based on a separate research permit process. The City has division-specific practices for reviewing research permit applications, which comply with currently valid legislation.

The City’s research permit review process is subject to ongoing development. The aim is to harmonise guidelines concerning the research permit application and review process and to establish a City-wide operating model for situations in which decisions are needed on datasets falling within the purview of multiple divisions.

The City will streamline the process of applying for and reviewing research permits by making it possible to apply for research permits electronically. The decision on whether to grant a research permit will be made as an office holder’s decision within the division or service whose material the permit pertains to. During the development of the permit process, the City will also assess the possibility of streamlining the process for the City’s internal research projects, for example.

Support for new issues related to the combination of data that arise during the review of research permits can be sought from the data utilisation working group.

The development of the research permit process is the responsibility of a working group consisting of research permit experts from the City Executive Office and City divisions, which is coordinated by the City Executive Office’s Urban Research and Statistics Unit.