Track how Helsinki is tackling climate change

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WHAT? The City of Helsinki takes its responsibility to mitigate climate change seriously. We have committed to 147 different climate change-related tasks that aim to make the capital carbon-neutral by the year 2035. The web tool Helsingin ilmastovahti (‘Helsinki’s Climate Watch’ in English) tracks the progress of our actions.

WHO? The climate change crisis is expanding at an alarming rate, but there’s still hope if we act quickly. Ilmastovahti is an online service for people who want to monitor the steps the City of Helsinki is taking to fight this threat.

WHY? The tool helps interested parties track the City of Helsinki’s efforts to reduce harmful emissions, with dedicated pages listing the details of every operational, tactical and strategic task towards this effort. The service also provides the background information and calculations utilised in the assessment of emission levels.

WHEN? The Climate Watch web tool was launched in Finnish in 2019. The site will be updated continuously, in line with action plan progress.

WHERE? Check out Helsingin ilmastovahtia (in Finnish) at

Health Benefit Analysis improves medical diagnoses and encourages healthier lifestyles

The Health Benefit Analysis is a digital tool providing evidence-based electronic decision-making support to medical professionals.

Kindergarten place via SMS

Helsinki now offers parents of children who will be starting pre-primary education a spot at an early childhood education facility that they can accept with a simple text message.

Participatory budgeting: Working together to improve our city

OmaStadi is an annual campaign that asks Helsinki residents to submit ideas for improving the city and then vote for their favourites.

Digital literacy training near you

Free digital literacy training is available at several Helsinki libraries, community meeting areas, senior homes and youth centres.

Need a workspace or meeting room? Varaamo is the place to go when you need a place to go

Varaamo is an online service for booking municipal premises and equipment for personal use.

Looking for service locations near your home? The Service Map has got you covered

The City of Helsinki’s interactive Service Map makes it easy to find the closest health care centres, day care centres, schools and other service points

Children’s health care questions answered 24/7

NeRo is an around-the-clock chatbot that answers questions associated with the rearing and health care of infants and small children.

Healthcare chatbot is available around the clock

The Helsinki health care centre network’s chatbot provides online information about general health and illnesses at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Voice your opinion about city development plans

Kerro kantasi is an online service that allows Helsinki residents to share their opinions about infrastructure and building plans.

An online window into public procurements

The online service provides an inside look at the process behind state and municipal procurements.

Spreading the word about events and learning opportunities

A shared service platform that collects information on Helsinki events and courses.

Ahti app puts the Helsinki archipelago at your fingertips

The Ahti app, named after the epic Finnish sea god, brings together all of the services and destinations connected with the Helsinki archipelago.

Boat berths and winter storage arranged online

An online service for renting municipal harbour berths and winter storage spots for your boat.

Culture Kids: Bringing the arts to small children

Culture Kids is a new service that pairs Helsinki children under the age of seven with a sponsor from the world of Finnish arts and culture.

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra on your phone

The HKO Screen mobile application brings stirring Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra performances to smart phones.

Harrastuspassi app recommends free time activities for teens

Harrastuspassi (‘Hobby passport’ in English) is a mobile application for children in grades 7-9 that helps them find a suitable spare time activity.

Volunteering made easy

The new Volunteering Helsinki website gathers a broad selection of volunteering opportunities in Finland’s capital in one convenient place.

Artificial intelligence register lets you see how Helsinki is augmenting services

The AI register is a window to all of the artificial intelligence systems the City of Helsinki is currently using.

Circular economy tracker monitors how Helsinki recycles and reuses

The Circular economy tracker is a digital tool for monitoring the steps the City of Helsinki is taking to promote circular and shared economies.

Help clean up Helsinki’s parks with equipment provided by the city

With Park Cleanup online service the city can conveniently provide you with the necessary equipment and remove the refuse you’ve collected.

Treasure trove of pictures shines a light on Helsinki’s history is an online service that offers a comprehensive selection of photos from Helsinki, dating all the way back to the 1800s.

Utilising open data from the Helsinki metropolitan area

Helsinki Region Infoshare makes open data from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area freely available to the public in a structured format, for anyone to use at no cost.

Accessibility model helps city services reach everyone

Making city services accessible to everyone promotes equality and ensures that digital services are easy to use for people of all abilities.